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The contact lenses market is huge and highly competitive with dozens of quality distributors vying to cover your eyeballs with brand name contacts that come in their packaging.  After all distributors all carry the same manufactured contact lenses form makers such as Johnson & Johnson, CibaVision and more.  What differentiates these contact lens distributors that are all predominantly selling you the very same products?  For some it's price, price and price but for others such as biggies like it's name recognition and expensive marketing.  Others like Coastal Contacts have gotten huge because of their Internet presence, aggressive contact lenses coupon marketing program and great customer service.  Still others rely on a certain niche and are strongly dependent on affiliate programs and paid Google advertising.

Vision Direct Contacts Online

Vision Direct Logo featuring contact lenses from American is an online discount contact lenses store powered by Vision Direct is not a new contact lens distributor.  They were in 1996 when selling contact lenses online was still relatively new and not something lens wearers took for granted.  Vision Direct was acquired by in 2003 and has since shipped 6 million contact lenses.

Vision Direct carries all of the major bestselling brands like Acuvue®, Bausch & Lomb®, CIBA Vision® and CooperVision®, plus specialty brands and vial lenses.  Among their specialty brands they feature American Venus Contact Lenses and Allure Equinox contact lenses both from Marietta Vision.  Vision Direct is one of only a few major contact distributors that sells theatrical or Halloween Contact Lenses all year long.  They have a great assortment and large stock of these special effect lenses.

In addition to above one of the great reasons to consider buying contact lenses online from is because of their great promotions and contact promo codes.  They offer one of the best... vision direct new customer coupon code which is good for a whopping 25% off your entire order.   Great reputation, great selection, great savings... all good reasons to give Vision Direct a chance when it's time to reorder prescription contact lenses. 

Walmart Contact Lenses

Logo showing Walmart now sells contact lenses from WalmartContacts.comThe giant big-box store known through out the USA for low discount prices on household goods, electronics and  groceries in Super Walmart Stores also sells contact lenses.  This isn't a surprise for those that frequent stores equipped with a Walmart Vision Center.  These vision center outlets are full optometry stores staffed by certified opticians.  In some states, where required by law, the optometrists are actually Walmart employees but not in all.  These eye care stores feature a large selection of designer eyeglasses and name brand contact lenses. 

Prior to 2013 Walmart had a relationship with 1800Contacts to sell cheap contact lenses online.  That 4 year relationship ended at the end of 2012 per a mutual arrangement.  See this article detailing the breakup of the Walmart 1800Contacts partnership.  Immediately following the announcement of separation Wal Mart launched and began selling name brand contact lenses online at cheap prices.  Although Walmart sells contact lenses via their own name and branded website the orders are actually fufilled by Arlington Lens Company from Columbus, Ohio. 

In addition to their famed everyday low prices WalmartContacts has free shipping on contact lenses orders over $50.  We've written a few article specific to the topic of Walmart Contact Lenses Coupons and we will update those articles when and if we find any coupons for in the future.  If you are looking for another way to save money you might consider Walmart Equate contact lenses which is their own private label brand.

Optical Institute Contact Lenses from Europe

Optical Institute Europe No Rx LogoOn our website we provide background information for contact lens distributors from around the world.  Although purchasing contact lenses can be influenced by geography as many consumers buy contacts online from websites in set up to sell and ship to their region there are reasons to buy outside of one's primary geographic location.  Optical Institute ships contact lenses to the US, Canada and throughout Europe.  Why would a US consumer buy contact lenses from a website based in Portugal you might ask?  It's a good question and we can tell you with good authority it wouldn't be due to low prices or fast shipping times.  From

We currently ship lenses to most countries. Most orders are processed and shipped within 24-72 hours and should arrive within 1 to 5 business days after shipment if sent to European destinations, or 6-12 days if shipped to US/Canada.

Optical Institute's primary reason for selling to US address is that they allow US customers to order contact lenses online without a current prescription.  It's certainly not because it might take them 3 days to process your order and then up to another 12 days for a total of 2 weeks shipping time to the US or Canada. The 'about us' section of the Optical Institute's website is ultra skimpy and doesn't provide any background information as to when they were founded or how long they have been in business.  But we know from experience both Optical Institute Europe and GlobalLens no prescription Canada are among the oldest, not the best, non-US websites selling contact lenses with no Rx check and each has been doing it for at least a decade.  While Optical Institute reviews may not be great we do know they are legit in the sense that they will sell and ship you contact lenses with no prescription check.

Contact Lens King Distributor

Hard to believe that Contact Lens King isn't quite a decade old, as of mid 2013, but both the contact lens industry and of course buying contact lenses online are still relatively new.  Contact Lens King, also known by their acronym CLK, was founded in 2004 and has grown to become a significant player in the replacement contact lenses market.   Although they don't publish on their website as far as we know CLK is based in Las Vegas, Nevada at the address listed below.

CLK Contact Lens King Distributor LogoAccording to CLK more than 36 million Americans wear contact lenses.  That's a staggering number when you consider that all of those eyeballs need replacement contact lenses with many wearers using a new pair of disposable contacts each and every day.  Contact Lens King specializes in providing great customer service and selling their replacement contact lenses at the cheapest possible prices.  They know that's what brings new customers to their website and keeps them coming back order after order.  They also offer options for free contact lenses, contact lens rebates and coupon codes to maximize savings.  If you are interested in buying replacement contact lenses online then you should take advantage of this CLK coupon to get the best discount on your next order of contacts.

CLK's lists some of their perceived benefits of ordering prescription contacts online from their website...

  • Convenience - is easy to navigate and easy to use
  • Price - Contact Lens King offers discounts of up to 70 percent
  • Availability - CLK has a large inventory; orders are generally shipped within one business day after a prescription is verified
  • Customer Service - Contact Lens King has a dedicated, friendly staff that works to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Company credibility - CLK has a track record of excellent service to our customers and is an industry leader

While we hesitate to link to personal negative reviews for any contact lenses distributor we do link to legitimate 3rd party sites that offer contact lens reviews or information specific to the business practices of a particular distributor.  While we may add additional links this one below from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) shows that they grade Contact Lense King as an F on a scale from A+ to F.  While that's the absolute worse rating for any business it should be noted that CLK is not a BBB member and gets this terrible rating because they have not responded to any complaints.  To be fair the CLK reviews from the BBB shows a tiny number of claims being reported which usually indicates that most online customers are satisfied with their online buying experience.

CLK can be contacted via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone using their 1-800 toll free number 1-800-352-0255 and finally by mail at "2215 Renaissance Dr. Suite B, Las Vegas, NV 89119-6727". Their customer service representatives can be reached Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 6:00pm eastern time.   CLK's prescription FAQ section confirms that they allow non US residents to buy contact lenses without a current prescription and without verification.  Visit the CLK prescription verification section for more information.


Coastal Contacts, aka Coastal, is the largest online retailer of contact lenses and eyeglasses in the world.  Coastal Contacts is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada but has operations in the US and services more the 150 countries world wide.  They have been in business since 2000, founded by Roger Hardy, and aspire to save the world from overpriced vision products.  In 2011 they passed the 1 million pair mark for eye glass sales.

Coastal specialties consist of excellent customer service, frequent and high discount coupon offers and more.   They carry all major brand of contact lenses and feature special effect Halloween contact lenses and color contacts all year long.

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LensWay: Contact Lenses Distributor

Image of pretty model with Red Eye Glasses from LensWay.comAt first glance it's a bit surprising that has such a vague and abstract 'About Us' page but after digging a little deeper on the web you can quickly find out that is wholly owned by Coastal Contacts.  According to Wikipedia Coastal purchased LensWay Contact Lenses in 2004, only 4 years into business, for an undisclosed amount.  Coastal owns many other contact lens distributors including the UK version of

While it's difficult to get annual sales information for LensWay we do know they have much less market share than Coastal or 1-800Contacts.  Despite a lackluster website that could certainly use a facelift in 2013 LensWay continues to be a viable distributor of contact lenses and focuses on maintaining it's loyal customer base through great service, low prices and regular coupon codes.  And although no where near as successful as their parent LensWay's Facebook page has been around since 2010 and has a few thousand likes as of March 2013.

In addition to all the staple name brand contact lenses LensWay also carries a full assortment of designer sunglasses and quality eyeglass frames from major designers.  They have all the most popular color contacts lenses including FreshLook Colorblends, Accuvue 2 Colors, Expressions and more.  We would rate as a tier 2 distributor with a loyal customer base and worth a try if you'd like to get a great discount with a LensWay contact lenses coupon code.  If you are looking to buy contact lenses without a prescription from because you've heard some UK sites ship contact lenses without prescription verification don't waste your time as LensWay UK discontinued that practice after a slap on the hand in 2010 from their parent company Coastal.

Contacts America LogoContacts America Distributor

Established in 1998 Contacts America has been and continues to be a good source for cheap name brand contact lenses.  Based in Louisiana, Missouri Contacts America distributes the same exact quality contact lenses as your eye doctor and 1-800Contacts but at lower prices. Like most smaller online distributors of prescription contacts they focus on low prices, convenience and tout their excellent customer service.  While many small online distributors claim great customer service they encourage customers to email with their issues or concerns but Contacts America prominently publishes their 1-800 customer service number and has representatives to talk to you 14 hours each day during the week and a full 8 hours on Saturday.

Contacts America Pricing ChartCustomer Service Hours:

  • Monday thru Friday - 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM CST
  • Saturday - 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM CST

They also offer a separate department to perform your contact lenses prescription verification required before your lenses can be shipped.

Prescription Verification Department:

  • Telephone: 1-888-393-7606
  • Fax: 1-800-401-1495 (Fax your Rx here!)
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lastly if you are searching for an online contact lens distributor that offers great coupons on contactlenses then Contacts America always had good options.  Generally you need to make a large purchase to qualify for their coupons but it's definitely worthwhile if you do. claims to have more than 12 million contact lenses in stock which means they can ship your order the very same day you place your order.  In addition to low and free shipping offers they have a reminder service that can help you remember when it's time to reorder your contacts online.

1-800 Contacts was one of the first major contact lens distributors.  They started of course by phone and became one of the largest online distributors of contact lenses.  1800 Contacts was founded in 1995 by two entrepreneurs who knew their was a better way to re-order contact lenses rather than going back to your local eye doctor and paying through the nose prices.

1-800-Contacts grew from a paltry 4 million in 1996 to 145 million by 2000 and reached a quarter billion dollars in contact lenses revenues by 2006.  1-800 Contact Lenses is a private company reported to have revenues in excess of 16 billion for 2010.  They claim to have the largest inventory of contact lenses on the planet and also claim to beat any competitor's prices on quality contact lenses.


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Discount Contact Lenses Distributor

Discount Contact LensesOne of the older contact lens distributors, Discount Contact Lenses, has been around since 1996 which is a relatively long time considering that contact lenses and replacement contact lens distributors on the Internet are both young market segments.

Discount Contact Lenses is a full-service, direct delivery contact lens distributor.   They are one of the fastest growing optical suppliers in the world ans like many contact distributors focus on low price and good customer service in order to bring customers back each time they need to refill there contact lenses prescription.  They feature a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee on all contact lenses purchase.


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  • Contact Lenses from UK

    UK or British FlagIn this section we feature information and specials specific to Contact Lenses from UK distributors.  For those participating dealers we'll point out any UK contact lenses vouchers codes or other promotions.  If your from the US but traveling in the UK these dealers will ship your contact lenses directly to your hotel or resort.  If you don't have your Doctor's information handy don't worry about it as most (not all) contact lens sellers in the UK don't bother with Rx verification meaning they ship contact lenses without current prescriptions world wide.  In fact the UK is now a better source for contact lenses with no RX than Canada was a few years ago. 

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  • Contact Lenses from Canada

    Flag of CanadaThis section provides basic overviews for Contact Lens Distributors from Canada only.  Many of these distributor websites end with the .ca extension making it obvious they focus on the Canadian market.   Others are .com websites which 'might' mean that they will ship to destinations outside of Canada.  Our mission in this section is to show you your options and save you time when buying contact lenses from Canada.  Whether you are a Canadian citizen looking for contact lens coupon codes, free shipping or you are a US resident hoping to buy contact lenses without a current prescription from Canada we will provide accurate and current information in an effort to save you both time and money. 

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